Heinz stinks at chemistry.

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I believe that I am splitting my time.

I didn't know who else to ask.

About 250 million years ago, all the continents we see today were one big supercontinent called Pangaea.

I will keep you warm.

Come on, Ernest, I'll race you.


Do you live with your parents?

Steven's situation was different.

I know who gave that to you.


I don't believe I'm listening to this.

Now means now.

The sleeping man can be awoken, but who can awaken the waking one?

Much to his dismay, Dan missed the countdown for the New Year in Paris.

I asked a question of him.

Give Dylan some privacy.

Where shall we go now?

Have you set a date for your wedding?

You don't want to go down this road.

He lives with his mom.

The Greeks made theoretical models of geometry.

Nikolai doesn't miss a thing.

I heard the manager's wife is on vacation. And, well, when the cat's away, the mice play. Now he's out partying every night.

This view is supported by recent scientific discoveries.

Doyle plays the piano.

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All you have to do is get there on time.

Lawrence has a lot of people to see tomorrow morning.

Bad weather discouraged them from going on a picnic.

The theater used to stay open all day long.

I don't know if I can do it.

Yesterday, it was hot.

Dick asked for a pay raise.

She resembles her father in character.

The mountain attracts many climbers.

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Cristi got into his car.

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You must not compare a man with a woman.

What would you do if you were in Sanjay's position?

This is accurate, I think.

The buildings shook in the earthquake.

When we borrow money, we must agree on the conditions.

There's always a choice.

The police told Wes to sit in the back of the patrol car.

He was determined, and we couldn't bend him.

I just missed them.


He came via San Francisco.

What if there's a leak?

I didn't help him escape.

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She's afraid to swim in large waves.

Some days ago I was in another place.

I thought you'd be dead by now.

I bought it thinking it was cheap, but it was rotten, so I ended up losing out.

staying limber in the office

The receptionist changed her tune.

I'm not going to quit the club because I am busy.

Leon didn't feel tired.

I really love coming here.

I can protect Tigger.

They spoke quietly so as not to wake the baby.

Everybody seeks happiness.

You are not to sleep in this room.

Jack may speak Spanish, too.

They're married.

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You can't read too many books.

Naim suggested we get together for a drink later.

We have a job to do.


The Swiss are not Swedes.

Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary. What we need is to love without getting tired.

Roxie played with his cats.

How many bus stations are there in this city?

Amos hasn't talked to Sedovic in years.

What's the deal with you and Billy?

Are you down there?


Tell Terry that I don't know how to do what he's asked me to do.


He carried a joke too far.

Americans pay both federal taxes and state taxes.

The president governs for four years.

Social customs vary from country to country.

I told you to keep silent.


I will get through with my homework before he comes.

I would rather that the people should wonder why I wasn't President than why I am.

Our world is only a tiny part of the universe.

If you are free tomorrow, I can show you around Kyoto.

He warned his sister about that man.


She takes distances.

Marika has always wanted to learn Japanese.

We're not surprised.

If you don't hurry, you won't get there before dark.

Why did I write all those letters?


Drinking warm milk should help you sleep.

Gene ruined his favorite shirt by washing it in water that was too hot.

Does Brandy go to church?

Are you mad that you should stay up all night playing cards?

I expected him to offer some help.

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She assumed that everyone would be for the plan.

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They went on a trip abroad for the first time.

Salt is used to thaw ice.

Dan didn't even greet Linda back.


Sjaak and Grace played all afternoon.


I'll talk with them.

The movie was less funny than the book.

They're dimming the lights. The play is about to begin.

Nobody defends my country.

I have to say goodbye to some friends.


She accepted our invitation.

I'd better try saving the battery.

No matter how hard you try, you won't be able to finish that in a day.

Do I have it right?

Lions are colorblind.

I didn't walk for a year.

They showed the scene in slow motion.

Roxane got bored after three minutes.

She depressed the keys of the piano.


How's the dog?

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When you like the way you breathe, they will all take it to be a respiratory illness.

He wore a mask so no one would recognize him.

He was discovered unconscious on the floor of the kitchen.

Science is based on very careful observations.

This river runs into Lake Ontario.

The sum of all the angles in a triangle equals 180 degrees.

Jacob laid on her bed, crying with her face buried into her pillow.


He is not a doctor but a teacher.


They have branches all over the world, from Calcutta to New York City.

Olaf started stealing money.

She wants to go abroad so that she can study music.

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Both Sofoklis and Alberto are award-winning journalists.

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Magnus tried to conceal his passion for Danielle.

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It's just a placebo.

Andreas pretended that he couldn't speak French.

I can hardly wait for that to happen.

If you don't go to school, then you won't learn anything.

Do you have ashtrays?

I have just been to the Midori Bank.

The ship was unloaded at the port.

According to Lar, Graeme committed suicide.

I'm the spokesperson for this organization.

The one washing the car is Mr. Jones.

When did you enter the army?

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I want to arrive at Kennedy Airport early in the afternoon.

Take control of your destiny.

Victoria was my closest friend.

Is this a picture that you drew by yourself?

He acted on your suggestion.


He saw nobody.

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Tell me something interesting about Annie that I don't know.

You will take it, won't you?

It's an honor to make your acquaintance.

I'll do that later this afternoon.

Do you really think you can win?

Would you have waited for me?

We had better not remain here any longer.

The question is how we can raise the money.

If you do your study at all, do your best.

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Ron didn't have any reason why he couldn't go.

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They had a baby last week.

They say that their language is the most beautiful in the world.

I want to become better at playing baseball.

We had better not remain here any longer.

Did you see him often?

Vic was in jail that night so he has the perfect alibi.

Nobody cares about my situation.

I spent Monday with Rupert.

Matti knows nothing about this matter.

I'll be around all day.

A diamond is worth a lot of money!


Is that what you're afraid of?

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Price has everything he needs to do the job.