Walt told me you think I had something to do with this.

She will carry out her plan, regardless of expense.


That really is a good replica.

I can live with myself.

On the face of it, nothing could be more reasonable.

Spass and Nathan were making prank phone calls.

Are you saying you don't owe me anything?

Juan is a very creative person.

Edward started to say something, but Jose shushed him.


Are you suggesting that I'm a coward?

This is silly!

They cheered the young Americans.

I'd like two cans of tomatoes.

I don't believe that you're mentally unbalanced.

The garden is really a sight for sore eyes.

The house needs a new coat of paint.


Don't hug the inside of the curve.

We should all go on a diet together.

Everyone will be busy.

When does your winter vacation begin?

I know you're smarter than I am.

To hell with it!

Henry is old enough to support himself.

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I hung my hat on the peg.

I want to be there with Lorenzo.

He has a spirit of tenacity.

I often lie on this bench.

I know I'll never forget you.

She thought about everything.

I'll give him one more chance.


Hunting is forbidden now.


Let me come with you.

Thanks for coming over.

Venkata shouldn't say things like that to Duane.

He was attracted to the woman.

Melanie said that she likes swimming.


The fact that I said nothing made him angry.

The violence lasted for two weeks.

This touch is original with her.

I tried to call her back.

We've likely made a mistake.

Did you take it?

I think that, for the first time in my life, I understood her.

I didn't know about his plan.

I met them after work.

I'll bring him to you.

You're sleepy, so go to bed.


She slipped in crossing the road.

I have never seen anyone like him.

I am not very good at sizing people up quickly.

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I need to know by tomorrow.

It's not all sunshine and kisses.

Her ideas are quite original.

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But while we will never know fully what causes somebody to take the life of another, we do know what makes life worth living. [...] Our time here is limited and it is precious.


When he assumed power, King John had no experience in politics.

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We need a sample in addition to materials.

The sun is rising already.

How many audiobooks do you have on your mobile MP3 player?

Did you know she is good at making coffee?

You found Cecilia, didn't you?

Stewart has been taken off life support.

Paola thought it would be a good idea if Nou got a gun.


How much would you like?


Could you get a hammer for me from the kitchen please?

Your feet are filthy.

What is it you like about me?

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We received their wedding announcement.

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Benjamin shifted the car into drive.

The boys listened attentively.

Tell me the precise time for their arrival.

I recently met Varda for the first time.

Primates are plantigrade animals.


Everett has a twin brother.


Your ship sails at a quarter past four.


The fruit is in the basket.

Is there anything that you want to tell me?

His life ran smoothly.

I wish you happiness.

Ranjit ordered a cup of coffee.


I don't know how that got there.


What's it like?

I would never let you down.

Why did you want to go to Armenia?

Please step back and keep behind the line.

Anthony didn't sharpen the pencils.


I've got a busy schedule.

That's what I say.

Give us a minute, would you?

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That'd be cool.


I always wanted to be a professional singer.

My grandfather is still active at eighty.

We all have to go sometime.

I didn't even see them go.

Let's go to a store with lower prices.


She leaves for Tokyo next month.

You're welcome to wait here.

When did you arrive there?

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Thank you for the memories.

Rob is the one who helped me.

That cost me a lot in the long run.

The Queen of Hearts' only daughter is loved by exactly three suitors.

I've been having strange dreams.

Let's check why your answers are different than mine.

We're three hours from the border.


I learnt a lot of things about Germany thanks to German TV channels.

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I think the reason why he killed his wife is still a mystery.

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Give me one good reason.

She was visiting me regularly.

We'll have to hurry.


I told you Naresh didn't do it.

There will be a concert next Sunday.

Don't get yourself involved in that.

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Hein needs a little more practice.

Eskimos have ninety different words for snow.

Honestly, I also want to learn Japanese.


He amused himself by drawing figures.

Do we have an extra one that Nhan can borrow?

Rudy hardly ever buys things he doesn't need.

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We need to move away from fossil fuels towards renewable energy.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

You're comparing apples with oranges.


Darryl opened the conference room door.

Who told you where to find me?

I can't stay long. I have plans.

"You are twenty-one already, and still you are enjoying the reverses!" "I just..." "Styopa, I didn't mean you!"

He was shorter than me.


I want to live in a quiet city where the air is clean.


Nothing's happening.

She can't cope with stress.

Promise us you won't hurt Jesse.

I won't be able to visit you anymore.

Monkey see, monkey do.


It's not the mode for young girls to curl their bangs.

The young rabbi often brags about his lineage.

I'm trying to get out of here.


Pickup trucks are popular in North America, but not in Europe.

I received her letter yesterday.

I work with your son.

A passport identifies you as a citizen of a country and allows you to travel to foreign countries.

I admit that Nguyen was right.

It is out of the question to learn all these sentences by heart.

Cling film is made from polyethylene.


I wonder why we got married.

If you want to do a good job, don't rush through it.

You will have little trouble.

I forgot my pencil case at home.

How about tomorrow?

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Your marks were well below average this term.

The president was forced to return to Washington.

He gave his life for his country.


You just aren't paying attention.

Paul bought them a gift.

I won't be able to carry Sidney across the bridge.

Don't forget to take your vitamins before you die.

The superpowers negotiated in earnest for the settlement of the intense conflict.


Alas, he died young.

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He insists on buying a seaside villa.