My advice to you is to forget about what happened.

It is necessary that we should study hard.

She was having a hard time swimming.

They're both dead.

That's what they want you to believe.

I said get out of my way.

I need to see Alastair immediately.


He's the kind of guy who doesn't take women seriously.

That's what I'd tell Janos.

Try to get ahead in your company.

Are you planning to talk to Lenny?

Let's just get rid of Pitawas.


Fay's voice is unmistakable.


Snow is apt to fall in Chicago in late November.

Bookends are very useful things.

I left my umbrella in the cab.

Everyone is in favor of the new project.

The park is planted with trees of some kind or other.

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There are times when we have to hide the truth.

The brother of my father is my uncle.

He said he had bought that book there the day before.

She had long been learning to play the piano.

It used to be thought that the earth was flat.

We have to try something.

Irfan does look really tired.


It was a very hot day.

Audrey is the manager.

It's nearly impossible.

You can decorate the cocktail with a cherry or a pineapple.

I was wrong about that one.


With a little more patience, you could have solved the puzzle.

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Casper always had to do everything himself.


Do you smell something burning?

Our meeting was just an accident.

Where did this happen?

Let's stop beating around the bush and cut to the chase.

Are you sure you don't want me to wait here with William?

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Knowledge wasn't a very strong reason for the exploration of America.

I hear laughing.

I didn't intend to see Stagger again.

Someone's going to pay for this.

Nothing seems to work.

He is a pretty great guy.

She told him off for being late.

I'll put some salt on the meat.

The humidity is 80%?! It must be really close!

I'm not angry, just hurt.

In a general maner, one can say that the learning method suited for a particular student is not suited for another student, in such a way that the efficiency of the learning method relies mostly on the modification of the ranking of the students.


We both looked at them.

If he had taken my advice, he would now be rich.

Your chair is identical to mine.


I dream of a quiet life in the country.

They're thinking about getting married.

I know how to handle kids like Dewey.

Sergei went back to his hometown.

I want him to like you.

Do you need to work on Sunday?

She's a superstar.

I feel the need to do something different today.

Excuse me, but will you tell me where to change trains?

My legs ached after the long walk.

My toolbox contains only pliers, a hammer, and a screwdriver.

Alcohol has taken over your life.

We've got a long night ahead of us.

If there's time this week, shall we try once?

The city always glows, lamps replace the sun. Its panorama ornaments the profound horizon.

Miriamne is extremely outgoing.

Will it do me any good to try to persuade him now?

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She carried a silk purse.

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Collin is usually very emotional.

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Please turn around and look at me.

He is ashamed to ask questions.

Where do you want to eat tonight?

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As a rule, he arrives at the office at about nine-thirty in the morning.

That's what Jean had in mind.

Alone in this world I'll be.


You are frustrated with your work.


But I had another advantage in it.

I think you know her.

Sir Peter Blake was tragically killed by pirates on the Amazon river in 2001 as he was on a mission to monitor environment change.


My thoughts and prayers are with all those who were affected by this terrible tragedy.

That's funny. The speaker is crackling.

He is the tallest of all boys.

Polly doesn't want to be there.

I parted from him on the bridge.

Is this a budget problem?

I'll have to take a make-up test in English next week.

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I daresay your advice will have its effect on them.


This may be pilaf, but it's completely flavorless.

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Never confuse art with life.


My salary is 300,000 yen.

What will you do now?

Jordan is whining.

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As the artist grows older his paintings may alter.


Let's keep public places clean.


You look like a boy.

They were afraid their way of life would soon end.

She let Dwight go.


Life is short, even if it lasts more than a hundred years.


I would like to try it. Where is the fitting room?

I'd prefer to remain anonymous.

The house burned to the ground.

Walter is the oldest player on our team.

Why didn't you tell us that?


He is his teachers' despair.

Eating ice cream always puts me in a happy mood.

Gerda, dear little Gerda, where have you been all this time, and where have I been?

If you don't like it here, then leave.

I've often heard about you.

Woody has a lot of energy.

Wisdom is a treasure for eternity.


He would be the last person to leave you in time of need.

I found her very friendly.

Randall says he doesn't want to talk about that.

Do you know why Tracey went to Boston?

Maybe there's a better way to do this.

I think at the end of the series it will all just be a dream for the frumpy girl.

Hey The, I heard through the grapevine that you and Susie are going out. Way to go!

He chopped some onions.

Try this hat on and see if it fits you.

What's the word?

There are four trash cans in the school: one for paper, one for plastic, and two more for glass and metal.


Paul really got on my nerves.

Roger Miller was born on January 2, 1936 in the western city of Fort Worth, Texas.

I have to learn.

I like comic books.

Joubert hasn't said anything he wasn't supposed to say.

She took out her knife and sliced the tomato.

I didn't sleep at all last night.


She's attracted to black guys.

Let us begin.

Virtue without gold is better than gold without honour.


It is very interesting to listen to him.

It was hot yesterday.

I'm all worn out.

I said leave Raanan alone.

The heat has relaxed.

When the sun comes up, I'll get out of bed.

It's cloudy today.

Be so true to thy self, as thou be not false to others.

Did you see who was inside?

I don't believe her.

Jenine is probably at home now.

Four families were killed in the fire.

The customs officials examined the boxes.

I should get back to my quarters.

We weren't allowed to talk.

None of the girls in my class are prettier than Linda.

You are always to knock before you come into my room.


Hank doesn't understand French.

Last year, I traveled to Japan.

Do you think you'd like to work for me?

Myron was the first boy who broke my heart.

I'll get the book.


From data gathered by the Viking 1 and 2 probes, we know that the Martian surface is covered by various rocks and a soil which is rich in an iron-laden clay. The presence of iron explains the planet's reddish-orange appearance.


Think was buried alive.

I'm not sure if it's love.

Keiko, do you have any buttered toast?

She seemed very nice.

A cobbler is also known as a shoemaker.

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I am on duty now.


I like to be early.