I've been to the bank.

Marek isn't quite finished yet.


Ouch! A chestnut fell on my head.

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Everyone watched us carefully.

The pan is used for frying.

You don't want to wait such a long time.

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The manager approved our plan.

He didn't only teach at school, he also wrote novels.

I'd like to go cycling.

Shawn hasn't told me when he'll return.

The book that I bought on the internet hasn't been delivered to me yet.


Donnie made thirty thousand dollars last month.


Leon is an investigative reporter.

I don't like tea, in general I have coffee with my breakfast.

These all belong to me.

Let me know when you want to get underway again.

You should give Stephen some time.

I was fat.

I'll ask Clem about it tomorrow.

Yesterday is already history, and tomorrow, a mystery. However, today is a present of fate, and presents are supposed to bring joy.

Val is twice as old as I am.

I found this in the cavern.

I smoked.

Evelyn made spaghetti.

Egg tarts, when freshly baked, are a real delicacy.

When did you see him dancing for her?

I don't understand the rules of the game.

I want Eli to think he's smarter than us.

Every time I looked at him, he was yawning.

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A single room with bath, please.

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That was mentioned.


A wood floor is beautiful.

I tell her everything.

Alastair asked what I was going to do.

Have you said anything to her?

I'm dying to move to a bigger house.

Rajeev didn't need our help.

See you at the reception.

The fat girl is eating too much sweets with lots of sugar.

She greeted me with a pleasant smile.

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Gideon was scared Dwight would shoot him with her father's rifle.


I saved a lot of money.

Nathan is in his office, packing books into boxes.

Am I speaking too quickly?

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I'll let Stanly explain.

Why don't you just admit that you're wrong?

Runaway shirkers win no crowns.

Kenton is just coming down the stairs.

I knew it wasn't you.


My advice is to go home.

Marsha was asking for help.

The lubrication system was poorly designed.


You'll probably enjoy this.

I've missed travelling so much.

He's got good rhythm.

Wes says he has hurt his back.

It's my mistake, not yours.


Pim noticed Casper coming toward him.

You're going to be a beautiful bride.

Erwin smiled when you said that.


He hammered at the window.


He makes a rule of attending such meetings.


You should come through with your promise.

Marvin certainly is lucky to be alive.

Is there something in the fridge we can drink?


I bought a large pair of sunglasses.

He fainted from the heat, but his wife's patient nursing brought him to.

Why are some of the words in the text italicized?


I wasn't on time for school this morning.

I don't think that's very likely to happen.

I'd like to hear you talk more about that.

You're doing great work.

Can you hear?


I didn't expect you back so soon.

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Your hands are shaking.


That's rich, coming from you of all people!

Mason tried to warn Thad.

Okay, let's go.

Is that understood?

Eva is a pretty amazing person.

Sjaak gave Charleen some money to help her buy her mother a Christmas present.

Conrad waited a moment and then got up to leave.

I don't think that this shirt suits a red tie.

You should've seen her.

Sapient beings are far more advanced than humans.

You know it's not good.

I've never cheated anybody.

Several injuries have been reported.

I'll get you some aspirin.

I'll give you anything that you want.


I updated your software.

The criticism was trenchant but fair.

He sprawled out on the sofa next to me.

We should eat out more often.

You've grown fat.

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It began to rain when he went out.

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It was no laughing matter.

I can feel Larry's terror.

We know very little about the cause of this disease.

It'll just take a few more minutes.

Did you help?

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All German nouns are written with the first letter capitalized.

She has something in her hand.

She can even tell lies!

One night he came home very tired and sad.

Tracey hasn't made much progress yet.


Judith was touchy.

This was more difficult than I thought it would be.

A lot can happen in a month.

You've overdone it.

I always work while listening to the radio.

Suddenly the lights went out.

Gideon banged his head on a tree branch.

I had to defend myself.

I'm still training Bernie.

The Carabineer grabbed him by the nose (it was an extremely long one and seemed made on purpose for that very thing) and returned him to Mastro Geppetto.

Bush is not Bin Laden's friend.

Will it be a difficult exam?

He held on to my hand tightly.

I'm sorry, but there's nothing I can do.

Fasten your seatbelt.

Laurel pulled off Sanjay's wig.

She went to the United States for the purpose of studying English literature.

I'll tell you if I find anything.

Victor swims well.


Kees was frowning slightly.

Kris should have gone to the dentist yesterday.

Put your hat on.

It was quite funny.

Zhanar Amantaevna tosses good ideas in organizing school holiday for our children.

For example, China's public transport is without a doubt better than the UK's, but the UK's public welfare may be better than China's.

Did you discuss any of the issues on our list?


We can't delay this any longer.

She's on the verge of dying.

Alison tried to smither her way out of the dark basement but hit her head on the rafter and fainted.

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To my knowledge, I've never seen Joon.


You don't sing very well.


Suppose we change the subject.

The theft must have been an inside job.

If you heat ice, it melts.

Give us what we want.

We don't know any songs.


They don't pay you enough.


It's a problem, however you look at it.

Does Nikolai complain about back pain often?

Socorrito addressed that point.

Oscar likes wine.

Don't be so hard on me.

We are faced with a strange situation that does not fit democracy.

What can you say in English?

In this story, the hero is also the villain.

I don't want Raghu to see me like that.

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I wish there was something I could say.


Did you see what happened last night?

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Is there anything I can do?

Isaac isn't a student.

Lonely people tend to be afraid of meeting others, which ensures they will always be lonely.

You have only to push this button.

Just don't forget to smile.

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Rabin was my teacher.

Please call after 6 pm.

Wow, you're good at that.