After a moment, Varda followed.


You don't know anything, do you?

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Do you ever feel guilty?

Doug could do that for you, I'm pretty sure.

I can't really talk right now.


I'm sitting alone in my house.

I wonder what it would be like to live in a place like this.

Todd forgot his suitcase inside the train.

You're like him.

Sheila asked Agatha what she had been doing all morning.


You've taken a long time eating lunch.


An awareness of international relations is more important now that it has ever been.

I hope this data is wrong.

In 1879 and 1880, Anton Chekhov and Ludwig Zamenhof attended the same school and became friends.


Do you speak Tigrinya?

I don't care who you're going with.

But I wasn't afraid.

I will do it at all costs.

Give it a try, my friends! You can do it!


We got it for her.

The doctor pronounced him dead.

I have some friends to help.


Give the house to my daughter.


It would help if we could talk to Ilya.

How did you know Joe had the stolen diamond?

Vic has already forgotten about you.

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That's exactly what I would do.

Get your hands off!

To my dismay, my wallet was gone.


The skyscraper is in the center of the city.

The increase in amateur stealing on the part of middle-class youth indicates a break-down in the morality of the affluent.

Stuart started laughing.

You shouldn't always believe what Ellen says.

When does the train depart?

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I'm really happy now.

I was starting to think Ricardo would sleep all day.

I thought the game was over.

He is acquainted with the mayor.

I think you've mistaken me for someone else.

I've got to be in Boston by 2:30 tomorrow afternoon.

Warm weather favored our picnic.

Throw down your weapons.

You can't appreciate his good points by just seeing what he looks like.

Recently, Sundar has been hanging out with Kanthan all the time.

Do you want to press charges?

I appreciate your candor.

What was that alarm for?


Someone is tapping at the door.

During the interrogation he admitted his guilt.

My grandmother has a twin brother.

Philosophy teaches us to feel uncertain about the things that seem to us self-evident. Propaganda, on the other hand, teaches us to accept as self-evident matters about which it would be reasonable to suspend our judgment or to feel doubt.

No one's been hurt.

I have exactly the same dictionary.

He's moonlighting as a stripper.

You're the one who said you wanted to talk.

Wasn't Annie the first person we called?

Vistlik couldn't attend the party because he was sick.

Smoking is a danger to your health.

I think you know why.

The ticket clerk found baggage placed under a bench in the hall, and the ticking sound inside it made him worried.

Tennis began in France in the thirteenth century.

He said it was unconstitutional.


I saw Bob give Cory something in a small box.

We're still discussing it.

Blayne has agreed to give a speech.

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Why thank me?

Did you know that Sanand was using cocaine?

You see that tall building over there, don't you?

This place is unbelievable.

I'm not certain Trent is here.


At the city center, there are many tall buildings.

We don't require assistance at this time.

You're a very curious guy, aren't you?


I don't understand Howard at all.

The idea that Japanese women are submissive and always obedient to their husbands is a lie.

He found it impossible to lift the lid.

Rabin has good days and bad days.

I want to be like Jussi.

Heinrich wants you to shoot Miriam.

Rodent is staying home today.

You've been yawning for the past hour.

I don't think my life is very interesting.


I do not want anybody else.

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The smell brought back memories of a night some years before.

I really didn't have time.

They relaxed.

I think Clayton will probably remember you.

Were these pictures taken in Germany?

It was already dark when Arne returned home.

Our plane was about thirty minutes late.

We hardly see you anymore.

I'm furious at you, Patricio.

Hey guys, I think I found something.

We imported this from Australia.

The work goes around the clock.

Let me teach you some verbs.

One learns by teaching.

I haven't been there yet.

This is the first time I've ever grown a beard.

We drove too fast to enjoy the beautiful scenery.


Tracy and I were both invited.

Are you sure this is the place?

Srinivasan could think of no reason why he needed to go home early.

What are quarks made of?

It's only fair.

I keep my hammer in the toolbox.

Dawn is at the door. Please ask him in.


To his surprise, the thief turned out to be his own son.

I asked them the same question.

I'm going to study harder.

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Can you contact Aimee?


Beverly couldn't accomplish everything he'd hoped he could.


I thought that Jamie was still living in Boston.


Don't lend books; no one gives them back. The only books that are still left in my library are ones that I have borrowed from other people.

You've got to help him.

This is just unbelievable.

The priest blessed us.

I like them both.


Don't you have to be somewhere?


The members wanted Casey banned from the club.

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Miltos sides with Cary all the time.

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Now, I also enjoy it.


You're wanted on the phone. It's from Jackye.


Kory told the boys to line up.

I watched the movie.

We must find them.

Walking is a healthy form of exercise.

We kept track of all our expenses while we were in Australia.

Japan is in the eastern part of Asia.

You are too busy in taking pictures!

You aren't smiling.

I'll meet you back at the hotel.

How long have you known Mikael?

She didn't say a word to me.

I saw you give it to him.

Professor Ito went to the United States for the purpose of studying linguistics.

He put terms on his problem.

Shadow showed Tuna around the house.

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I'm done with it.


This story might sound unbelievable but it is true.

She's on the verge of buying it.

How does one pronounce your first name?


The operation of this machine is too difficult for me.

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I'll try to find out when we're supposed to be there.

I intend to make France my new home.

This is the first time I've ever sharpened my knives.

Islamabad is the capital of Pakistan.

I am a blackcap.

I'm no longer afraid.

What follows is a detailed examination of how each concept is implemented in this example.

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The baby is crying for milk.

The teacher excused me for being late for class.

The tide has turned.

I think Gretchen is trying to tell us something.

He usually works late.


It's not much, but I will do whatever I can to help you.

You didn't think I'd notice, did you?

They won the day.

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We woke up at the crack of dawn.

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I can't tell you how long I've been waiting for this.