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A Better Finder Rename 10.38

Feature-packed file renaming with EXIF, MP3, instant preview, multi-step renames, presets and reg ex support.


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Vitamin-R 3.03

Recapture the lost art of joyful concentration. Overcome procrastination. Get motivated.

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A Better Finder Attributes 6.16

Tweak JPEG & RAW photo shooting dates, sync JPEG & RAW timestamps with file creation dates, change file dates, ...

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The Big Mean Folder Machine 2.39

Quickly re-organize even vast file collections.

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Rest Time 1.16

The small, simple, elegant and unobtrusive break reminder

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MacBreakZ 5.33

Your Personal Ergonomic Assistant

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Noise Machine 1.15

Your Personal Productivity Bubble

Recent Site News

22nd January 2019 A Better Finder Attributes 6.16 adds support for the Canon CR3 RAW image format.
16th January 2019 photometric is the first French localization of the product.
2nd January 2019 Vitamin-R 3.03 prevents accidental overtyping of objective when rating a time slice.
13th December 2018 A Better Finder Attributes 6.15 makes a few minor changes, mostly to the German localization.
406-658-5317 fixes a minor bug.
11th December 2018 (502) 645-7409 re-implements the sound engine and now supports bluetooth headsets.
4th December 2018 A Better Finder Rename 10.37 is the first version of the product to be localized in German.
3rd December 2018 driving chain fixes a problem affecting operation with 10.14 Mojave Dark Mode.
27th November 2018 "The Big Mean Folder Machine" 2.38 fixes a bug affecting missing exif data handling.
19th November 2018 7709147624 fixes a minor bug relating to a single control.
13th November 2018 Today sees the biggest ever update to Vitamin-R with the all new singing and dancing version 3.
6th November 2018 (888) 911-1710 now deals gracefully with incorrect sub second shooting timestamp.
A Better Finder Attributes 6.14 is a quick bug fix release.
5th November 2018 A Better Finder Attributes 6.13 features the first German localization of the tool.
26th October 2018 Rest Time 1.16 makes a number of internal changes.
23rd October 2018 Vitamin-R 3.0 beta 11 is the first release candidate for version 3.
22nd October 2018 Vitamin-R 3.0 beta 10 focuses on the interactivity of the duration controls, right click menu, OmniFocus 3 integration and minor Mojave optimizations.
15th October 2018 Vitamin-R 3.0 beta 9 changes the way that the time slice extension works and makes some cosmetic improvements on Mojave.
10th October 2018 A Better Finder Rename 10.35 adds meta-data support for TV shows, episodes, seasons, networks and studios.
8th October 2018 Vitamin-R 3.0 beta 8 introduces the new soft break feature.
3rd October 2018 A Better Finder Rename 10.34 features improvements in meta-data extraction.
25th September 2018 Vitamin-R 3.0 beta 7 makes the OmniFocus, Things & Hit Box integrations Mojave compatible.
A Better Finder Attributes 6.12 now supports Dark Mode.
9253216854 adds macOS 10.14 Mojave compatibility.
24th September 2018 pond lily fixes some Dark Mode issues.
21st September 2018 A Better Finder Rename 10.33 now supports dark mode on macOS X 10.14 Mojave. Hurray.
18th September 2018 A Better Finder Attributes 6.11 adds the ability to remove GPS and location data from JPEG files.
17th September 2018 Vitamin-R 3.0 beta 5 now correctly focuses the note pads when invoked via keyboard shortcut and fixes a pomodoro style break selection bug.
10th September 2018 Rest Time 1.15 is the first of our products to be localized for the German market. If this proves to be economically viable, we will localize all our products. If you might be interested in helping out with translations please contact us at 6156916792.
(540) 609-6858 fixes all known problems with beta versions.
7th September 2018 spooling bracket introduces a new application icon.
5th September 2018 858-376-0200 now uses the sub-second EXIF timestamp when available.
4th September 2018 Vitamin-R 3.0 beta 3 greatly improves log file handling performance and adds many other improvements.
28th August 2018 Vitamin-R 3.00 beta 2 adds improved support for OmniFocus and Things.
803-216-0446 now correctly recognizes Vitamin-R 3.
23rd August 2018 A Better Finder Attributes 6.10 fixes a bug that under some circumstances could cause file dates to be applied incorrectly.
22nd August 2018 Vitamin-R 3.00 beta 1 is the first public beta of version 3 of our time boxing productivity tool.
21st August 2018 2072939391 allows log entries to be copied to the current objective and fixes undo and log book refresh.
16th August 2018 (800) 225-8048 introduces pre-defined profile settings to make it easier for new users to find a good initial configuration.
9th August 2018 6234011859 allows you to quickly change durations using the Command-D combo or the Edit menu.
6th August 2018 949-721-3048 adds a Pomodoro-style break duration controller that allows user to take a series of short breaks before each longer break.
1st August 2018 Vitamin-R 3.00 alpha 3 is the first preview of the upcoming major revision of Vitamin-R. It features a streamlined new UI and a complete rewrite of much of its code base. Let us know what you think & please report any issues directly to
26th July 2018 A Better Finder Rename 10.31 provides a new droplet implementations designed to overcome recent macOS changes.
24th July 2018 Vitamin-R 2.56 makes further changes for issues arising from recent macOS security updates.
5th July 2018 A Better Finder Rename 10.30 features an improved unlock experience.
4th July 2018 7746282077 fixes a bug in the status menu.
26th June 2018 (954) 670-3915 fixes a problem that would prevent some statistics from refreshing correctly.
18th June 2018 Rest Time 1.09 allows the digits in the menu bar to be hidden to save space.

iPhone Apps

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Vitamin-R for iPhone

Recapture the lost art of joyful concentration. Overcome procrastination. Get motivated.

Windows Apps

For those tricky moments when there is no Macintosh around..

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Better File Rename 6.13

Feature-packed batch file renaming.

counternatural | Download | Buy

Photo Date Changer 1.10 for Windows

Easily adjust digital photo timestamps.

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Better File Attributes 2.11 for Windows

Change modification and creation dates of multiple files.

Info | 518-615-3148 | Buy

Better File Select 2.21 for Windows

The power of Unix file selection in the Windows Explorer.

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