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Ahhhh hello friends! Welcome back to the wonderful corner of the internet known as Aftermath99.org! I, Darkmannx, will be your guide today!

So, it’s been a LONG time since we’ve had an update! I had them routinely coming out every 10-15 days, but meh, life happens! So, this update is gonna be a DOUSEY!

Ok, first off…we’ve had an AMAZING start to 2019. We’ve had 105 entered kills since the last update on 1/1/19! Here’s some fun screenshots of some of the kills and things that have gone on.

Tunare a few times!!
3-4 Vulak kills! Throw some Dozekars in there also!

Many many rounds of Chardok Royals and 2 or 3 Venril Sathirs…optional raids for us
We saved all the druids and wizards of the land from Wuoshi! Optional raid for us also!

As you can see from the fun photos, we kill the best of the best type of mobs, but also make time to go and help people finish epics, do fun and random fights, and just parade around as a guild together having fun! That’s what this whole server is about.


We have some SEXY looking females here in Aftermath that REALLY LOVE their fashionquest…

^^^ Female.


Zarza is a machine!

Shadowdinah is the perfect amount of animated in TS during pulls!

He even has an amazing WAR CRY! Listen in!

And I just LOVE Dannyl’s reaction to it all!


Also we have some new apps that turned into blossoming full members aaaannnnddd Manasana became Memesana! Congrats guys!

Speaking of applicants…we always leave recruitment open, looking for the people who want to experience everything this game has to offer 🙂
All in all, I always have people asking me what it likes being in AM and what the culture is like. We really play this game to have fun and enjoy being in the guild with each other. We have fun banter and ramblings in Discord, Teamspeak, and in guild chat. Here’s a sample of some of that!
Our TeamSpeak ramblings at 2am during cycle windows…it can get interesting…lol!

Imgana was one of the clerics on a CH chain at Triplets pond…when tragically he was taken too soon…



A lot has happened on the server lately! Here’s a few fun shots of everything.

These are some amazing names we saw!

Also, there’s this random dude…

Sleepers Tomb has officially dissolved into anarchy! This is the line of people waiting to FTE Master of the Guard!

Ikitair the Venom has also been acting strange…after being pulled to the zone in, he proceeds to kill 1 person (Elzhi lawl) and then just struts back up to stairs! Walking right past everyone! We still don’t know how that happened haha

In other news…Core & Blood Guard, no wait…Core Guard..no Blood Core…no Core Blood…meh whatever, they are on the rise, but both guilds aren’t equal! To me, personally, Core seems to bring the skill and Blood Guard brings the warm bodies! Which spawned this…


Also here recently, the server went down for a good portion of the day. People were losing their minds!

Also a guy on the forums made a REALLY sweet remake of the Kunark map. I had to share it!

Rogean has been a busy boy lately! Banning Tempest out of TOV on the repop, diving into the Discord channel, and posting on the Facebook group! Rogean pointed out that Dawn Believers has over 5133 members in their guild! WOWZA! They’re a bigger zerg guild than us!

As you can see, there is a LOT of stuff that goes on day to day on the server, this is just a sampling!

NOW! On to the fun stuff!


Weirdo alert…Naerron

Lentis got engaged! Woo congrats!

Detoxx corruption

Tempest dude triggered

Liizet LOVES AM!

Zarza talks in TS sometimes…he’s a machine…so sounds like a Dial up modem…

Magerin loves himself…

(740) 580-8681


Shadowdinah someone got lost in Plane of Fear while pulling in CT…he also had a 104* fever haha

Ralug is impressed by Monrezz doing FTE

Elzhi makes a great QB!

Plox finally started doing some COTH maging and is so excited when he makes the plays!

We don’t usually give our apps too hard of a time, but we recently got a new app that was just so adamant that he was the best COTH mage in Tempest and the best since sliced cheese. So, we put him to the test on Eashen coth…

Alfredd is a great puller…

Detoxx loves his new Keto diet…

We all love Manasana’s mobile recharge van!




Alrighty! Whew! We finally reached the end. I realize this is prolly a HUGE update full of hours worth of stuff if you actually listened, watched it all. Thanks for hanging in there. As always, all of this content was made for fun and laughs for everyone involved. If we can’t laugh at ourselves sometimes, where’s the fun in that? Alrighty folks!



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