I'd like a glass of water, please.

Can you cancel?

The atmosphere mostly consists of nitrogen and oxygen.

Eating is one of life's great pleasures.

Elvis shouldn't have said anything.

I'm trying as hard as I can.


This book is red.

Malcolm has been out of work for three months.

The woman is very beautiful, when she passes, men admired for her beauty.

This table is made of good oak.

As was expected, he succeeded in winning the prize.

Louiqa went to the tattoo parlor.

The wizened, old sorcerer took me under his wing and taught me everything he knew about magic.

I like to learn Chinese and English.

Rodger thought only of Jef.

A hunter hunted hares with his dog.

We must be missing something.

Kerri says he can make a decent living as a sidewalk musician.

How many articles are there on Wikipedia?

He cut a fine figure in company.

We have a lot of rain in June.


That's interesting. Tell me more.

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The truth from the Lord of you all.

You must come every six months for a check-up.

What room would you like to reserve?

We are baking carrot cake.

Cicadas are singing.


A whale is a sort of mammal.

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Vex not too far the lion, chained though he be.

Karen and I work at the same company.

We missed you, too.

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There are a handful of naughty boys in my neighborhood.

You frightened Willie.

Take particular care when walking on icy paths.

I hope he'll wait for me.

The rain lasted through the night.

Let's talk about it later, okay?

We could all go together.

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My father gave me the book as a gift.

This is obscene.

Nobody wants to do it?


Tell Connie to get back here as soon as he can.

Jimmy, it's bedtime.

There is much that is good in the world.


Can you understand this language?

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You should wear a hat that covers your ears when it's cold outside.

I signed the check.

Deaf people often talk to each other using sign language.


Are you scared of them?

I didn't attack Andrea.

Which team is ours?


The song reminds me of my home.

They started dancing.

At this moment, all his past life seemed to flash across his mind.

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Karen and Sabrina crashed John's party.

The careful use of evocative imagery is an important part of building a successful advertising campaign.

Erwin is wearing the sunglasses he bought yesterday.

You have nothing to worry about.

That sounds ominous.

Fill the pot with water.

First off, my area of work is mainly in the lower reaches of the Yourou River.

A woman can be oblivious to a hundred things you did well, and point out only the things at which you failed.

Yes, I swear to this.


I was a teacher.


The castle is in need of urgent repairs.

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The instructor advised me to exercise every day.

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How many people are involved?

I'll see what else needs to be done.

Why don't you think about it?

It is all up with him by this time.

This fact accounts for his ignorance.


I heard an unusual sound.

I'll never be able to explain what happened.

They don't want us working together.

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The school has a dress code.

Who can say what will happen in the future?

Roy has a clock just like the one Hans has.

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The train was delayed on account of a heavy snow.

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They're still going at it.

I believe him.

We should find out when Huey's funeral is.

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Wendy came second.

I'm offering you work.

Mom was busy with her sewing.

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She shooed him outdoors.

It goes without saying that diligence is a key to success.

Sergei Pavlovich Korolev was born in 1906 in the Ukraine, then a part of Russia.

It was unthinkable.

The soup is not cool.

His nose is his best feature.

Aaron never wanted to live in Boston.

Please tell Mickey where he needs to go.

Margaret is better off than before.

He was ill, so he couldn't come.

I don't really know what you mean.


Shawn and Cathy usually like to sit in the front row.

Miriamne pointed to the floor near Jackye's right foot.

We want to help her.

Susan could have paid for Evelyn's ticket if he'd known she didn't have enough money.

She's lost her car keys.


It made Vern sad.


I'm not a child, but sometimes you talk to me as if I were a child.

Everyone who maintains the ability to discover beauty will never become old.

They always go skiing in the winter.

He was called away on business.

Stop talking about my family.

It's really pretty here.

I think he'll never return.

I've been trying to reach them.

Don't annoy me.


It seems unlikely.

He is almost always home.

That joke he told really cracked me up!


What did Laurel do at school today?

I got it for free.

You've got to carry out your commitment at all costs.

Srinivasan didn't give you much choice.

Marci wants to know when you'll be finished.

I take care of my grandfather.

Shall I then propose the penalty of exile?


Marco is working in AIDS research.

We lost sight of each other.

I got scolded severely by that teacher.

Is he looking?

We do what we can.

Michel was finally captured.

Subra wants us back at the office.

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Kurt had never even heard of that band at that time.

Can't you see Edmund is sick?

Almost always.


Sara took pictures of that mountain in summer.

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His failure resulted from his carelessness.

Seth takes care of Barton.

Students are required to perform one hour of community service per week.

The door shut of its own accord.

He has set out for Canada.

You aren't busy, are you?

Lucius explained in detail how to do it.

That man is Perry Mason, the lawyer.

Don't be a pain!


He is interested in the job so far as what it will get him.

There was nothing for me to do.

I couldn't speak French.

Is he any better today?

This isn't a vacation.

I've seen Hillel in action.

Bud likes watermelons more than melons.


What kind of food should I be feeding my dog?

Granville was never my friend.

Nothing of consequence happened.

A wise man once said, "If Esperanto is an artificial language, then my car is an artificial horse".

I bought a new dress.

A boy saw a dog. And then this child got happy because of the dog.

What are you doing in my office?

Leave them alone, please.

Do you know anything about Gil?

I put in for a transfer.

You're not scared, are you?

I think Patricia is friendly.

I like mountains better than seas.

I don't want to hear it, begone with you!

Isabelle wants to buy a new dress. What do you want to buy?

I'm tired of you.

Don't lie about Dana.

Do you agree with Mr. Burns or do you agree with Mr. Roland?

The fog is getting thicker.