Paula doesn't have a family.

Yumi went there alone.

He was bursting with fury.

I think I'm going to make a triple camomile.

I heard you were drunk.

It was necessary that he say something, but no word came from his lips.

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"Are you Swedish?" "No, Swiss."

That was the last we saw of Neal.

I see a big smile on your face. You must be happy.

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She didn't want to disappoint her mother.


I understand the situation.

Jaime doesn't want to believe that.

It happened that there was a meeting on that day.

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Esperanto is a small language, keeps on growing.

There is a cow in the village.

We read the book after the teacher.

The back of my neck hurts.

Chet is a haemophiliac.

The couple posed for the photograph.

I was led to the conclusion that we made a fatal mistake.


That's OK.

Come over here.

Beth wondered if he would ever see Cindie again.

You brag more than a mouse on cheese.

The guests are all gone.


The police usually blink at cars parked here.


"What're you making?" "It's pumpkin soup."

The odds of ever being born are so slim I feel blessed to be given a chance.

He had to work hard day and night.

Everyone laughed except for Dominick.

From now on, I will not use that word.

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My mother gets up earlier than I do.

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Would you please stop doing that?

He needs to travel to England this summer.

Please give the dog a bath.

Sarah, I believe you have what it takes to be a great volleyball player.

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You'll never believe what I found.

We had the porter carry our luggage to our room.

Kyung's house is at least three times as large as mine.

Your friends will miss you.

Well, I'm afraid I must be leaving. I had a nice time.


It amazed us to hear that things were so cheap.

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Don't go down there.

Had it not been for his help, I should have failed.

The Germans are very crafty.

Hugh wouldn't leave me alone.

I saw his car veering to the right.

We've got to get out of here!

The seven dwarfs were the new family of the princess.

Dan's dog was sniffing a dead rat in the street.

Set theory was invented by Georg Cantor.


Everyone who works has the right to just and favourable remuneration ensuring for himself and his family an existence worthy of human dignity, and supplemented, if necessary, by other means of social protection.

They won't find her there.

He passes for a learned man in our community.

He had an injection prior to the operation.

You will do it, won't you?

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She is one person I can't live without.


He was looked up to as their leader.

I can't discuss it.

Any fever?


I didn't try to kill Kristen.


We have a dog, a cat and three canaries.


Pratt and Mwa sat across from John and Alice.

The bag wasn't mine.

We've been worried about you.

I'll get another one.

I'm two years younger than him.

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I think he knew that.

I make it a rule not to eat too much, for it is plain that overeating is bad for your health.

He expressed himself clearly.

There are several advantages to city life.

Those projects offer a lot of new and innovative content and ideas.

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Louie doesn't know Liz's address.

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We had hardly started when it began to rain.


You just have to do as you're told.


There was no sign of Owen anywhere.

They will announce the winner tomorrow.

When did you buy that from us?


I asked Ramiro to unlock the door.


Eva doesn't act like a leader.

Actually, that's why I'm here.

The plot twists were predictable.

There is no smoking here.

Yesterday morning I saw many birds.


I have a request.

Diane is your half-sister too, George.

Alberto could've had this job if he'd wanted it.

I have no intention of fishing in troubled waters.

Andrew knew he was going to die.


My town is surrounded by tall mountains.

It is Monday today.

Bradley washed the dishes.

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I think you might want to change your plans.

Can I get you some more water?

We finished the race.

The guitar quartet produced a wonderful concert.

Cabaret is a form of show.

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I would've done exactly what you did.

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Do you have an itinerary for your business trip?

He assigned the kazoo parts to a large four-part men's choir.

What exactly does that mean?


Dan paid off his gambling debts.

She published a book.

When was the last time you made your wife happy?

May I have the paper after you, please?

Who are you trying to impress?

You don't seem very concerned.

I am going to give up smoking.

Marion studies all the time.

Don't ask me that.

I can't believe I forgot about this.

Police rushed to the scene on the tip that a time bomb was planted.

It might be useful.

Panos has already begun studying French.

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I needed space.

Alastair wanted Joyce to kiss him.

Miguel no longer eats with the voracity that he used to.

Hey, what a great idea!

You just can't get good help these days.

He decided to seek information elsewhere.

Do you want to climb the mountain?

I am proud of never being late for school.

Can't you just talk to Stagger?

The ship went through the Panama Canal.

You have to try!

I noticed that I had grown up when I started following my parents' advice.

All of a sudden the sky became dark.


Could you speak to Gunnar?

I dropped everything and ran.

The ship is not equipped with radar.

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Lar wouldn't have been able to do that without Todd's help.


What must I do?

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Rajarshi put his duffel bag in the back of the jeep.


Bob's parents told him that playing with fire was dangerous.

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Howard was looking for you at that time.

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The letter you wrote must be corrected and transcribed, even if you already rewrote it many times.

The papers found lots of monkey business when they investigated the Recruit scandal.

Everybody seems to be confused.

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I'll buy you whatever clothes you want.


Let's have some fun.

I'd like to thank you for all the help you've given my son.

Two thousand people fit into this hall.

Where did you go for your honeymoon?

Even the fastest horse only has four legs.

She likes nothing but the best.

Stay out of the water.

What are the main products of this country?

Jarvis recently graduated from Harvard.


If one can say that a tiger is a big cat, one can also say that a cat is a small tiger.

You're a naive person.

You shouldn't give the same weight to opinions as you do to facts.

The boy chose to stay with his mother.

Denis met a new girlfriend named Carol.

He is also here.

We have a magnificent view of the ocean from our hotel room.

I want to know who did this.

I knew I should never have gotten involved with your harebrained scheme.