I want you to talk to him.

I was jumping.

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Please drop in on your way home.

I came by taxi from the station.

Make sure you don't let the dog outside.

That's no surprise.

I thought you asked me to come over today.

He gave me a lift in his cart.

People often ask me that.

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Are you still convinced Nou was the one who did it?

We value your suggestions.

Herb spent the money his father gave him on beer.

The crowd cheers for both teams.

She took a pregnancy test.

Why would Roderick give that to us?

Omar spent the whole morning getting ready for his presentation.

I'd like you to handle it.

He attributed his success to hard work.


We're glad you're staying with us.


Please let me help.


We don't forget.

You're very kind, Bertrand.

We'll all die sooner or later.

There must be a way.

I owe you a favor.

I'd like to call my parents.

The doctor continued to observe the patient's behavior.


After the earthquake, hardly any houses remained standing.

Your credit's good.

What do you read?

No attention was paid to his warning.

Margaret will stay with us for a couple of weeks.

If Jason should call me, tell him I'm not in.

Anthony never gets invited to parties.

They keep forgetting to pay the bills.

He went to Mexico to work as a teacher of English.

I never would have thought that I would meet you here.

I'm taller than he is.

Can you give me a minute?

I hope everything is okay.

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Now, let's discuss our other problem.

Word up, breda. Long time no see. Whatchu been up to?

I paid for my purchases in cash.

Do you play any instruments?

What is the average height of the players?

Like fun he went there!

What's Beckie's connection?

I believe you know what I mean.

You have always been a fighter.

The policeman caught the thief.

Liber could do nothing to help Clem.

I've been looking for them for more than one hour.

He was very happy in his school days.

Why don't you just let them go?

We promise better service in the future.


It's a simple matter for me to reconnect the gas.

The women stuck to their cause.

I don't have a bathing suit.


Are both of you ready to go?

I have just cleaned my room.

Nowadays, a safety zone is not always safe.


I didn't get an email from you guys today.

Judith waded across the stream.

She got off with a slap on the wrist.

Everything had happened so quickly.

My grandmother walks faster than me, and plays tennis better than I do.


Take your hands off my things!

Debi seems very angry, doesn't he?

Let me think this over.

I haven't eaten anything since breakfast.

My most recent hobby is contributing to Tatoeba.

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I am older than you.


Don't indulge yourself too much in drinking.

The merchant accumulated tremendous fortune during the postwar era.

He practices playing the guitar until late at night.

The monks chanted a mantra in unison.

She was lucky to find her keys.

The launch was successful. We're now leaving the solar system.

I'll get her to drive you home.

We will give Father a birthday present.

Yikes, wait a second!

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Can you remember the first word you learned in French?


Why won't anyone help him?

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What are they for?

Lift is generated by the motion of the airplane through the air and is an aerodynamic force.

This is a well shaped pine tree.

He who is born in Japan is Japanese.

Why is Konstantinos coming here?

The boy ran away when he saw me.

He could not support his family on his meager salary.

Mr. Hashimoto is fair to us.

Paola wants to get home before dark.

It comes with soup or salad.

He was in good health last summer.

Anderson works too hard.

Sometimes, he's very strange.

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I heard someone come in.

I saw her talking on the phone.

They're friends of Marie's.

I'd love to be able to spend less time doing household chores.

Everything seemed normal.

In the Internet age, the once noble title of publisher has been demoted to the insipid "content provider".

I'm not saying his music is bad.

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I'll pay the price for what I believe in.

As long as you're talking to me, it's fine, but as soon as you stop, I get hungry.

I'm not wasting rounds.

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It's your special day.

Unable to pay the rent, I asked him for assistance.

She blushed bright red.

Keep this.

No one will change anything.

They're probably American.

There's no way in.

Reiner wanted me to find out who you've been dating.

Fame doesn't always go hand in hand with success.

They must be cops.

I visited Srivatsan in Boston three years ago.

What exactly do you want from us?

We would be closer to the truth.


Jimmy can do the job, I'm sure, but it'll take him a long time.

There are no fish in this pond.

Let me know when you're done.

As you know, I've lost my job, so I'm having trouble paying all my bills.

It's nothing but flattery.

I want to see you first.

The mayor's proposal will contribute to getting the streets repaired.

Rik is a junior in high school.

Dori appealed for help.

I find this disgusting.

Would domestic peace be plunged into jeopardy?

William handed Johnathan his cell phone.

We had to learn the poem by heart.

He often reads far into the night.

What I don't know I don't envy.

She's a fast learner.

They're tired.

How many bags did you have?

I'd appreciate that.

This product is made in Italy.

I'm surprised Alberto never mentioned you.

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You're a smart kid, aren't you?

Bending the cable too tightly can also adversely affect signal quality.

Greg was in a trance.

Glynn is really angry right now.

As far as I am concerned, I don't think that's true.

I put aside the book I was reading.

I've always been good with my hands.


Orina wrote something on a piece of paper and thrust it into Pyotyr's hand from under the table.

She likes it least of all.

They needed money to pay for the supplies.

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I just proposed a new version.

I've got to be free.

I don't know what is in store for me in the future.

Granting you were drunk, I cannot excuse you.

These are probably worth at least three hundred dollars.


The possibilities were endless.

Don't take that tone of voice with me.

There was a pretty girl with black hair in the park.

I should hurry and take a shower.

Few passengers survived the accident.

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The mirror on a compact I got from a friend has cracked.


Betty lives in a mobile home.


I remember them well.

I used a knife to cut the cake.

I'm here if you need me.

Rex turned down the radio.

The President died unexpectedly.

My French still isn't very good.

I don't want to talk about my dreams.

I can see why he chose not to go.

I am glad to make your acquaintance.

I'm kind of full.

I cannot speak and listen as well as I write.