Cindy doesn't struggle like this.

The consequence was that she lost her job.

The supreme treasure is knowledge, the middle treasure is children, and the lowest treasure is material wealth.

Which days of the week does your favourite rock band play?

By the way, where do you live?

Today wasn't a good day.

They respect authority.

Having failed twice, William didn't want to try again.


I want a single room.

There were no resignations.

My brother is not as tall as I was two years ago.

Thank you very much for your letter of January 7th.

Verlaine's poem says, "Tears fall in my heart, as rain falls on the city."


The record is finished. Turn it over to the other side.

Mummy has to do the washing this afternoon.

Progress is a lovely word. But its driving force is change, and change has its enemies.


What does Malloy think of all this?

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He was so intent on money-making that he had no time to think of anything else.

Caution is the eldest daughter of wisdom.

He forced me to go there.

He was like a father to me.

The point is whether he will read the letter.

The desk is covered with dust.

How many times do you go to the dentist in a year?

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The new law should take a bite out of organized crime.

She inquired directions from the policeman.

I'll have to mention it to her.

You must realize that I can't help you.

Do you want to go run around the track with me?

He is the lawful owner of the company.

Anyway, you're wrong.

Why do you love me so much?

I couldn't have predicted this happening.

Her daughter eloped with a young author.

Sanford easily convinced Carlos that he was innocent.

He had his son die last year.

Making amends is the first step toward rehabilitation.

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Before electricity was discovered, Christmas trees used to be lit by candles.

The girls started fighting.

This room is too hot.

She told me the wrong address on purpose.

Aren't you taking this a little too seriously?

If you shut the door to all errors, truth will be shut out.

He had reached the limits of his patience.


It's not Hui's decision.

That is a criminal offense, and you will surely be punished!

You and your friends are invited.


Scotland becomes part of the Kingdom of Great Britain.


Marla jumped out of a second-story window without getting hurt.

It was worth it in the end.

Everything went wrong for him.

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The greedy little child ate all the food.


She must have everything her own way.


He became friends with her while in the U.S.

This is the first time I've ever sworn in the presence of my children.

The color of the wall clashes with that of the floor.

When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images and establishing mental connections.

Margot is in command.


This is all Sundar has to do.

Books are lying about on the floor.

I found this bottle when I was walking on the beach this morning.

I like the way you walk.

Although Vicky is a lapsed Catholic, and Merril no longer believes in God, they invited the missionaries in and gave them each a glass of water.

It seemed like a game to Ernest.

Tal is wearing a wetsuit.

Some Asian men wear make up.

We're having a rainy spell.

We all change.

You'll be waiting till hell freezes over before Phill will admit that he's wrong.

I hope you told him that.

I prefer mineral water.

He seems to know what he's doing.

Am I being too subtle?

We need a towel.

Owen wasn't busy.

I beat him at chess.

Polly came over to talk to me.

Geoffrey inherited the business from his father.

Voters may yet reject the misbegotten 'Dream Act'.

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What's important is that you're trying.

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I like coming to this park at night.


I know what time you told me to be there, but I couldn't get there then.

Matt asked Caroline to find out how to apply for a visa.

Don't annoy me with those jokes.

Can I ask a small personal favor?

You've walked into a trap.

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Have you already decided what time you're going to leave?

The days are longer in the summer.

We thank you for your generous support.

Man can be defined as the animal that can say I, that can be aware of himself as a separate entity.

Pria should be out of jail by now.

I won't do what you're asking me to do.

Some of my friends can speak French well.

Get it away from me.

Sergiu is very curious.

Rupert arrived last.

Mr Smith carried out the plan successfully.

He's my best friend. It's as if he were my brother.

They advocate complete abstinence.

Where are you right now?

Let's talk about it later.

I'd better ask Stanly.

I beat you fair and square.

These flowers are dying.

A sense of expectation is hanging in the air.


I have done that.

Relevance is a key element in communication.

You must take life as it is.

She told me a lot about you.

After I tried out my new loom, I made my bed and repaired the coffee grinder.

Jaime is working hard today.

Did Dimitry really just say that?

I had to do my duty.

You'll have to wait not less than an hour to get a ticket.

In Korea, there's a popular theory that says that: "If you eat a quarter of an Iceberg lettuce, you will fall asleep". Thus, amongst truck drivers in Korea, lettuce is known as something that should not be eaten before work.

I always brush my teeth after eating sweets.

I used to like Boston.

I think it helps to learn to pronounce words.


Don't take any notice of the mess.

As is usual, Bob came to school late this morning.

Answer the telephone, will you?

You're welcome to any book in my library.

He disliked school.

I gave him a fake address.

I don't need that kind of pressure.

I need to change into my costume.

By the time I noticed that the newspaper had fallen into the water, it had turned into a mushy pulp.

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Dewey is obviously in love with Christopher.

Monopoly sure takes me back. I remember Illinois Avenue. It's red, isn't it?

As head of the sales team she reports only to the managing director.


No city in Europe is as populous as Tokyo.

No matter how much you might think you like curry, three nights in a row is more than enough.

Who the heck is Laurie?

Only if it's not too much trouble.

This dog jumped.

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This music brought me to tears.

She shot a gun.

You shouldn't have stopped so quickly.

Thank you, I understand everything.

This might not be illegal, but it's unethical.


There used to be a pond around here.


You can't go there.

He was imprisoned and killed during the revolution.

I appeal to him for his advice.

I don't understand any French.

Do you think Marguerite is wealthy?

I can't find the page I was looking for.

We're currently studying the project's feasibility.


Unless there is reliable evidence for it, we should not believe anything.

I feel like I'm invincible.

Who wrote this on me?

Ken has no more than ten books.

The cerebral cortex is made up of gray matter.

I'm sorry, but I have to go to the gym.

Has anyone ever told you how lovely you look?


Ritalynne is too far away to hear us.

We need to find him right away.

Bill is seldom ever on time.

Do not speak for others.

I'm thinking of going to Germany to study medicine.

Shall we have a snowball fight?

Doug was utterly disappointed.

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His parents did not sympathize with his hope to become a journalist.

I am absent from school on occasion.

We're not dead yet.

Ragnar, I have missed you so much!

Is it enough?

When does it end?

We've done everything we can do.

A dreadful accident happened on the corner.

I think you're an idiot.


Does it get any better than that?