Cecilia is nice.

Jimmy said that you wanted to eat lunch with us.

How did you find out where Wade lives?

There a cape pushes out into the sea.

Make her move!

The language website, tatoeba.org, was shut down temporarily for maintenance.


I'll take the first shift.

I'd like to live in that house.

She advised him to fasten his seat belt.

Freedom is only where power is.

Shall we wait for you here?

Don't you ever get tired of doing that?

Stop screaming at me!

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Why didn't you run away?

It may rain at any time.

I'm angry because someone stole my bicycle.

The President died unexpectedly.

Is this too tight?

Van and Guido went to Australia for their honeymoon.

Go away. I don't want to see you.

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I'm having some trouble with my computer.

It is not any different from what I expected.

I haven't got it.


Are you crazy, or what?

Gunnar can't cope very well with these kinds of situations.

It is important to eliminate the social unrest.

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We hurried so as not to be late for the concert.

Jong wanted to keep the party a surprise.

We don't have enough money to buy a house.

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Krzysztof used to love Jenine. Now he can't stand her.


Antonio saw a couple walking their dog.

Most days she sits on a chair at the table, and I sit in the big armchair; today she is sitting in the big armchair, and I am sitting on a chair at the table.

The cedar count today is really high, so I might have to call work and tell them I'm too sick to go in.

Nobody helped her.

I got the money back from him.


You've got a bit of a fever today, don't you?

The best way out is always through.

Efficiency is the dominant idea in business.


Jean-Christophe and Corey have similar goals.

Don't you find me pretty?

The policeman told me to repark my car, and I did.

I want you to go to Osaka right away.

I remember reading the book.


Take your time. I know you need a couple of days to reflect on it.

When was the last time you ate out?

I don't know why I'm here.

Would you like to give it a try?

I cannot stand headaches.

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I love the penguin house at the zoo.


It wasn't easy for me to write this letter in French.

Why aren't you eating anything?

Salt helps to preserve food from decay.

I'm from Italy.

Who knows that guy?


I caught Sandra flirting with my wife.

We might never have this opportunity again.

I have given myself to music.

As earlier mentioned, I was afraid.

Humans only live about 70 years.

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You've been amazingly tolerant.

Hope is the last thing that man has to flee unto.

Do you know if Benjamin and Eli have made up yet?

Pain, pain, go away.

Kerry is too proud to ask for help.


The capital of Niue is Alofi.


Mayor Raul Jackson greeted his supporters at the entrance of the hotel.

Peter could barely conceal his excitement.

She has got over her illness.

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Gosh, I'm hungry.

Thirteen Americans were killed.

I never should've let you go home alone last night.

I used to talk to Claire a lot.

I haven't gone to the movies since I got here.

Is that a problem?

Do you want this or not?

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You stay put.

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Joachim has done what he can.

The cat in gloves catches no mice.

It won't happen unless you make it happen.

Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy in 1564.

Wayne is out sick.

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Dan was two thousand miles away when the murder was committed.

I'm never late.

Betsy could've been seriously injured.

I'll give Steen whatever he wants.

I would like to consider the implications we can draw from the application of Emmet's theory to chemistry.


Sorrel had a gun.

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The enemy answered our fire.

Dan didn't even take a shower.

Rand enjoys himself at everything he does.


Floria stared at his reflection in the mirror.

Knute is a highly-trained member of the special forces.

I could not understand.

Masaru claims that he is innocent.

You obviously don't understand.

That must've hurt.

I've done everything I can to help.

What ideas do you have?

Hienz is hiding something from me.

Did you visit the camp?

Mars has two moons, Phobos and Deimos which have unusual shapes. Scientists think these potato-shaped moons were once asteroids captured by Mars' gravitational pull.

He loved looking at grey sky with the sun peeking through the thick clouds.

She contradicts herself constantly.

Be careful about what you eat.

They don't have to go to school today.

Danny DeVito and ferocious lions and tigers are best avoided.

I just don't think they get it.


What is learned in the cradle is carried to the tomb.


The old man bribed a young girl with money and jewelry.


We are going to start a research on him.


That's one of ours.

Judaism is not the opposite of Christianity.

The mayor walked at the head of the procession.


However, the quantity is not correct.

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That young actor is a James Dean.

He has no family to support.

Lin began attending AA meetings regularly.

It's possible that the airplane won't be able to fly due to the storm.

Vijay definitely knows what Elvis wants him to do.


Judge pressed the button.

So they sought a place such that the conference seating would have them facing the Americans.

Is that coffee I smell?

The world doesn't revolve around you.

That was fantastic.

Josh is kissing his wife.

He launched into a tirade about how the government is encroaching on his rights.


Venkata has an eye for detail.

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I'll never drink alcohol again.

I know Kees well.

Saiid was never that bad.

I knelt down to tie my shoes.

Jeremy and I work well together.

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I never could stand the sight of blood.


What didn't you like about me?


I don't know why you're all so upset.

The doctor sees all the weakness of mankind; the lawyer all the wickedness, the theologian all the stupidity.

How can I get to the hospital by bus?


Do you know what this word's equivalent is?

Rolf's wife has left him.

The focus is on statistically significant features of lexico-grammar used within particular sub-sets of texts associated with a particular discipline.

All the stoat-related sentences I've been adding are really just a set-up for one big joke.

Jem is attentive.

It's a really complicated question.

I keep telling Larry to clean his room.


Where was Tony playing then?

A sponge absorbs water.

I'm too much of a lazybones.

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A leopard never changes its spots.

She was encumbered with two heavy suitcases.

Public opinion polls are barometers of confidence in the government.

The hare is running in the garden.

Brandi had ulterior motives.

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His explanation really isn't clear.


It's a simple mistake.

Antony will get help.

I am looking for the chair in the dark.

No matter what you do, don't ever kiss your teacher.

It's not far from here to there.

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Give me the bottom line.