It's actually very easy to do.

I bought the book for myself, not for my wife.

Lea is having trouble sleeping.

I talked to Shai's neighbors and co-workers.

Are you having a bad day?

This might take a lot more time than we expected.

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I think someone stole my password.


The two nations are at war.

I will understand.

The warmth after the chills intoxicated us.

You changed it?

She has a large mansion.


She eats fruit.


The pie is delicious.

With the T.V. on, how can you keep your mind on your studies?

I didn't know you didn't know how to swim.

His plan is to build a bridge over that river.

Richard is different from other boys.

Hume tended to the fire.

And then Mechael did something totally unexpected.

He made a sign to me to go out.

He was irritated by her delay.

If these books were stolen, then don't give them to me.

You bake delicious pies.


I've had this happen before.


The children look afraid.

I haven't been getting enough sleep lately.

Where's the new kid?


Your job is to make sure Greg does his job right.

She is as beautiful a model as I have ever seen.

Despite himself, he winced at the pain that throbbed in his back.

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Is she gone?

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This development tool has a high learning cost.

You crack me up.

Cory said he'd be home for dinner.

He gone, Jitendra remained thus alone in this sentence.

I don't care a damn what people think of me.

Corey lied about his weight.

This is what Charlie does for a living.

Pontus's part-time job is delivering pizzas.

Now it's official.

I'm just not good enough.

Kindergarten children act better than Jenine and his friends do.

Dan showed up at Linda's house.

Melanie is not a fortune teller.


Lorien ate by himself.

Have you already had lunch?

I can speak Irish with reasonable fluency.

Snow began whirling through the street.

I can't deal with Danny anymore.

Morris seems to be tired.

In English examinations, she always gets good marks, not to say straight As.

She used to pray before going to bed.

Darrell already has enough to worry about.

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I could swim well when I was a boy.


Why should I interfere?

It sounds interesting.

That's one question I can't answer.

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Life is a spiritual pickle preserving the body from decay. We live in daily apprehension of its loss; yet when lost it is not missed.

She felt her knees tremble.

We hit it off.

Nobody cares about you.

No, no, it's on me.


His tie corresponds well with his suit.

The whole town accorded a hearty welcome to the visitor.

Cynthia will be here only a few days.

You can't see Kaj today.

His life was full of ups and downs.

Excuse me for interrupting you.

Victor listened to the news.


Vickie patiently tried to explain the situation to Kayvan.

I'm not sure I want Shahid working for us.

Peter is a pig-headed fool.


When will his new novel be published?


It is very impolite of her to decline their invitation.

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Lui is very excited.

Tell them everything you know.

I asked whether the flowers were blooming.

Rusty showed Tiefenthal a police badge and asked her to give him her ID.

How ridiculous I was as a marionette! And how happy I am, now that I have become a real boy!

These genetically modified bananas are loaded with vitamin A.

Can you tell us your name?


Cindie's parents ordered their son's tomb to be opened.

I know Celia isn't very happy here.

Everything was gone.


It is dangerous to play in the street.

Do you not play tennis?

I wonder how Claudia put up with Bonnie for so many years.

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The doorknob broke.

He thanked her for her kind help.

Did you tell Ron about your plans?

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Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it. Every concept that can ever be needed, will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten.

Keep to your own line.

The new school failed to take into account the special needs of young people.

Expensive meals can't compensate for lack of sleep.

How did we reach this point?

There was a brief silence.

He blames his failure on bad luck.

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People do not live to eat but eat to live.

I've got to speak to you.

They liked Granville.


What made you laugh?


She is going to Chiba Stadium.

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A smile broke out on her face.

You're sincere.

There is no way to go there.

We need to discuss the situation.

Get ready to leave.

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When people are too well off they always begin to long for something new.

I will have to inform them.

I'll take it now.

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Every rose has its thorn.

What would be best for us?

Nati and I were watering the flowers, then she decided to water me!

I'm offering you work.

She has a boyfriend she's been going out with since high school, but she feels their relationship has stagnated, so she's become dissatisfied.


You knew her, didn't you?

Eat and drink all that you want!

When asked what learning was the most necessary, he said, "Not to unlearn what you have learned."

Gail looks worried, too.

I thanked Jacques for the tip.


The test samples were due to arrive three days ago.

The mechanic fixed my car without charging me a dime.

Nothing will happen to her.

You must really like dancing.

Unfortunately, you're too young a little.

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I don't like high-heeled shoes.

Taro plays the guitar better than any other boy in his class.

His unhappiness when he heard her voice changed into happiness.


I love seeing you so happy.


Try your phone.

Are you telling me that you can't understand French?

It is said to be carcinogenic.

When did the accident happen to her?

He doesn't seem to be breathing...


How much would you want to pay for the tour?


I enjoyed reading this.

We know you.

I know what you think of me.

A black race, they had thick lips, flattened noses and frizzy hair resembling, in these ways, the blacks now living on Earth.

I'm beginning to get jealous.

You don't need to change for me.

He grabbed my ass!

I don't have anything to read.

Krzysztof is expected to recover.


What would you like to hear?

We wish you a pleasant flight.

I hear she is going to get married next month.

There are no survivors.

He became sick and they laid him on a bench.


This is the first time I've ever switched on this lamp.

I want to be a stay at home dad.

Money counts for little.

Pull me in.

Henry is clearly an optimist.


She attended on him.

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We must go and see Vidhyanath.

Tandy is a witch doctor.

My dog ate my homework.

You must account for your neglect of duty.

Everything is going very well.