Maybe she wasn't talking about you.

It was very dark in Earl's room.

I've come to save you.

Would you like to drink anything?

The door was locked and we couldn't get in.

I was anxious that she accept my offer.

He is well acquainted with ancient history.

There is a custom of eating buckwheat noodles on New Year's Eve in Japan.

Do you know the reason?

We had a warning.


I've never read any of the classics.


Subra can't tell the difference between Spanish wine and Chilean wine.


I thought Christopher was going to be here today.

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Terri told Case that she shouldn't go there by herself.


Patrick could have helped me, but he didn't.

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I encrypt my emails.

I hope he's not angry.

I did some crowd slipstreaming behind that tall guy over there.

He works a lot from morning till night.

The sun having set we stayed there for the night.

How long have you been playing the trumpet?

Son wore jeans and a cowboy hat.

You'll have to notify your boss about that.

The kitten is playing in the rain.

It's easy to say, but not to do.

The torn dollar bill passed through several hands.

We've had a lot of rain recently.

Chet is going to ask me to marry him.


She tried to allay their fears but only ended up heightening them.

I'd like to question him.

Who is your father?

This morning he said that he would be leaving for Nara tomorrow.

We are getting older day by day.

The language spoken in Australia is English.

Your half is gone.

I thought I'd surprise Dani.

We all must abide by laws to live in any society.

The gate needs to be closed.

The police officer drew his revolver.

There's a policeman outside who wants to see you.

Use the video to declare your love!


Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live.

I knew you were going to do this.

You don't do a useful snitch of work.

I heard him mumble to himself.

Shadow is often late for school.


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.

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I'm going to check my calendar.

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Danny doesn't know when Jesse will leave for Boston.


Valeria had many opportunities to meet Amy over the summer.

I don't think Miki wants to talk about Ira.

"Story be damned!" said the Time Traveller. "I want something to eat. I won't say a word until I get some peptone into my arteries. Thanks. And the salt."

I'm sorry I didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye to Kenton.

He contrived a new engine that does not use gas.

We must deal with this problem.

We're a little busy right now.

Ray sneaked into the room.

Am I right in assuming that my commentaries irritate you?

I'm pretty sure that's Antonella's goal.

Knute killed my neighbor's cat.

Once in a while he tells strange things.

I got my hair cut.


One hand washes the other.

High on the summit of the Tree was fixed a tinsel star. It was splendid, particularly splendid.

I'm really going to miss you.


Do you agree about that?

This song is known to everyone.

I saw you and Jussi earlier.

Helge's iPhone was stolen by a thief.

We were very tired from the five-hour trip.

I want to live in Italy.

Do you want to hear my new song?


Teriann didn't give me anything.

Just don't tell me any more jokes.

I guess I was stupid to expect you to do anything.

I can be good.

No time-wasters.

Jussi and Mario are thinking about divorce.

Eliot has only been here three days.

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I keep this little saint in my wallet because he brings me luck.


Am I singing that song well?

I don't really know them.

That might help.


One of the twins is alive, but the other is dead.

It's getting larger.

Use your brain!


We need to learn to work together.

Can you change the room for me?

Don't drag out Chinese sayings about the importance of an environment conducive learning just to justify moving house for a child's entrance exams!

What brings you to Boston?

You'd better come right away.

Carlo dropped Derek off at school.

I see no reason for us to leave.

Meehan pointed to one of the pictures and said, "Who's that?"

There are more girls than boys in our school.


Please bring back the tape tomorrow.

He is a silent, manly boy.

I don't know how she found out.

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I don't want to go and eat today.

The typhoon did a lot of damage to the crops.

I can't remember why I was there.


You'll have to stand on your toes to see.

We'll talk to Price then make a decision.

There is a small chance that he will succeed.

There is an urgent need for a new approach to dealing with this problem.

My job is giving me a stomach-ache.

She accompanied him on the piano.

I've always thought you knew how to swim.

I missed the train by only a few minutes.

The local train is less comfortable than the express train.


My life is fun and exciting.


Kimberly wants us to come back.

I lost the desire.

You're the worst.

Why do you want to go home early?

Turn down the volume.

The man was imprisoned for murder.

She could not take her eyes off of him.


The fire truck is on its way.


"Arbeit macht frei", meaning "Work sets you free", is a slogan posted during the Holocaust over the entrance to the Auschwitz extermination camp.

You know you need it.

Close the window before going to bed.


I've been doing some calculations.

You look great in these photos.

Archie climbed into bed with his parents.

Getting rid of garbage has become a major headache for the authorities.

Micah downed the rest of his drink and left the bar.

I'm not gelding your calves.

There's always a good part in human folly.

I was supposed to do a course on how to avoid procrastination, but I kept putting it off.

I can cook better than I can play tennis.

Truth is beautiful, without doubt; but so are lies.

It's hard to relax when you have a headache.


Fritz needed surgery.


Sailing is more fun than fishing.


It was broken.

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You accept Loyd's suggestions.

Your short hair suits you.

Her daughter has what it takes to be a good teacher.

We ran past them.

That might not even be them.

You don't even know who they are.

Ned grew a moustache.

That was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted.

Do I really remind you of Aimee?


I want to become better at teaching.


It's cloudier today than yesterday.

How does your wife look like?

I buy you a present.

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I like Piete a lot more than I like you.

I want to keep competing.

I just sat there and cried.

I made it so only root could access the administrative screen.

You speak tremendously fast.

Linder and Robin are tarred with the same brush.

It was him that broke the window yesterday.

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We've slid into an almost hopeless situation.

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I was just about to call 911.

Where's the nearest museum?

The train arrived at the station on time.


That bread has started to go stale.


I've decided to stay.