ecLabNote is a completely web-based electronic lab notebook (ELN) created by organic chemists for organic chemists. Stop hiding your experiments in paper notebooks and start to share, inspire, and help your colleagues to make your research go further!


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to learn
  • No downloads – ecLabNote runs completely in your browser
  • Cross platform
  • Collaborate within your group
  • No needs for hardware investments or backup-routines

Why use ecLabNote

Are you tired of fumbling through notebook after notebook to find the right experiment? Does the research get lost when the student leaves? Have you spent hours to decipher the old postdocs handwriting? Then start using an electronic lab notebook!

Does the setup and cost of traditional ELNs scare you? Are you lacking the infrastructure to keep servers backed up and secure? Then start using ecLabNote!


If you are a user of ecLabNote, you can login here.

If not, why don't you request a (205) 631-2356? Or look at some screenshots and 4243594317.

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